It is Cheaper to Have Your Yard Mowed. Here’s Why:

Friday, May 10th, 2013

I was mowing a customer’s yard a while back in Bullard and I came in contact with one of the customers neighbors. After visiting with them for a moment they bragged on the yard that I weekly maintained. I asked them if they would like for me to look at their yard and give a free quote. Their response was: “we can’t afford to have someone mow our yard“. I really thought about that statement and it really makes sense…. until you calculate everything.

Let’s think about that concept. Is it really more expensive to hire someone to do your yard? Maybe so, but lets see how much more expensive it really is. The questions you should ask yourself are:

  • What all equipment do you have to purchase and maintain in order for you to do your own yard work and for how much?
  • How much time would you have to spend maintaining that yard and how much is that time worth to you?
  • Would you be as pleased with how your yard looks as compared to how it would look if a professional did the yard work?

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Why Your Yard Should Be Mowed Weekly During Growing Season

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

A healthy lawn requires regular attention. Tyler Lawn and Landscape recommends weekly mowing schedules in order to have the best results with your lawn. Here are a few reasons why:


  • The 1/3rd Rule

Lots of people don’t want to mow their yard every week but when they let it go longer than a week they mow it short so that it can potentially “last” another two weeks. This is horrible for your grass. Grass stores its nutrients and moisture in its blades. When more than 1/3rd of the length of the grass is cut it loses moisture and nutrients beyond its ability to naturally rehabilitate. The same way that scalping, or mowing your grass too short is dehydrating your grass and stripping it of its nutrients, removing more than a third of the length of the grass is mistreating your lawn and you will see a noticeable difference. This is intensified during hot and dry conditions (typical East Texas summer). Make sure your yard is mowed regularly and at the recommended height.


  • Allow your grass to grow deeper roots

When grass is mowed every week it will naturally grow outward and with deeper roots since it is unable to grow upward. Weekly mowing will encourage your grass to be thicker and have a much better root structure. (Tip: For best results water your yard no more than twice a week with a few days apart until water reaches the root system.)


  • Weeds hate regular mowing

Weeds love to be able to grow fast and compete with grass. When your lawn is mowed weekly, the scales are tipped in favor of the grass. Weeds are unable to grow and distribute the seeds necessary to multiply if they are unable reach a length of maturity. While there is no substitute for weed and feed, weekly mowing sure helps.


  • Give the mowing equipment a break.

Equipment designed for “finish mowing” was meant to mow pretty grass. When tall grass is mowed, the quality of the cut (even with sharp blades) is not nearly as clean as when shorter grass is mowed. Mowing tall grass also leaves excessive deposits of cuttings. This is commonly seen when a pasture is brush mowed. All mower components such as: blades, bushings, pulleys, deck, motor and gearbox are strained when it has to cut grass that is too tall.  Keep your grass short and prevent costly repair and replacement bills.


  • Discounts!

We reward our weekly customers with a lower price per mow when we schedule them for weekly maintenance. As mentioned previously this keeps our repair/replacement costs lower which allows us to offer more reasonable prices and having a regular mowing schedule allows us to plan ahead. We are able to schedule weekly customers first because we know ahead of time that will be visiting them on a certain day. Ask about our other discounts!


  • Scheduling Convenience

Face it, people are creatures of habit. We appreciate regular predictable occurrences because we can plan around them and it keeps us from forgetting them all together. Deciding to mow your yard every Saturday afternoon will result in a regular weekly mowing schedule. In contrast, mowing your yard whenever you think it needs it might result in two or three mows per month. Life happens and next the thing you know your yard looks like the Amazon jungle.


Whether you are a customer of ours or you do your own yard, make sure that your yard gets regular attention.  Call us for a free quote (903)345-LAWN and stay tuned for more articles on how to make your East Texas lawn a masterpiece.